Vessel Safety Management System R&D Project

Vessel Safety Management System R&D Project

Seashore Consultants Limited is developing a software program in Vessel Safety Management Systems (VSMS). 

This is a user friendly software management system that assists ship owners, managers, and ship’s officers in executing, maintaining and managing vessel safety. All based on and driven by the required certifications that each vessel must have in order to ply their trade. The system is interactive, it self-monitors all data against pre-set parameters to guide the operators through a step by step “task programmed” hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, bi-annual, annual, biennial, quadrennial, and quinquennial procedures, inspections and /or surveys. It operates through a daily journal system that drives the management program through all the ship’s and crew’s safety procedures. 

In conjunction with the above software, Seashore Consultants Limited will design and implement a vessel monitoring system that feeds real time data to our VSMS software where it will be analyzed for corrective action or stored into reports for history logs.